Instant Win Competitions

Instant Win. Instant Excitement. Instant Awareness. Brand ID’s Instant Win competition service allows Brand Owners to offer instant winning of random prizes through the use of a secure PIN code, words or numbers. This provides excitement among consumers who engage in word of mouth advertising for the competition which leads to instant awareness of the brand and competition.


Brand-ID’s stable and robust platform also allows for the rapid deployment of the Instant Win competition solution in any territory. This means that product owners can capitalize on market conditions through the delivery of a uniquely customised service within weeks of the project’s inception.


  • Offers consumers an added incentive to verify the genuine nature of their product purchase.
  • Instant Win generates great ‘buzz’ among consumers/contestants.
  • Complete budget & margin control eliminates financial risk.
  • Rewards can be given in proportion to value of entries received.
  • Revenues can be generated by using premium-rated SMS, if desired.
  • Little or no capital expenditure required.

System Features 

  • Rapid implementation from inception to delivery.
  • Fully automated provisioning and management system for prize vouchers minimising overheads incurred by Brand Owner and prize providers.
  • Competition parameters can easily be modified to eliminate budgetary risk.
  • Competition can be monitored and analysed in real-time by product, time period and often geographic region.
  • Detect instances of product diversion if desired.
  • Automated Support for Unlimited Variety of Product and Service Prizes.

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