Brand & Consumer Protection

Our trustworthy worldwide services ensure that consumers can choose genuine products with 100% confidence, parallel markets are exposed at both ends and Brand Owners are offered unique new marketing opportunities and information.

The Brand ID Solution Allows For 

  • Clear distinction in the marketplace between genuine and counterfeit products.
  • Consumers empowered to choose genuine products, offering potential to increase sales.
  • Immediate exposure of grey and parallel market sales worldwide with the ability to identify both the source distributor and the final retailer.
  • Easier ‘policing’ of retail points.
  • Counterfeit identification.
  • Communication with your customers as they buy, delivering specific marketing messages directly to encourage brand loyalty and awareness, and ultimately increase sales.
  • Added protection from potential legal liability for performance failures of non-genuine products.
  • Control of quantities produced by outsourced manufacturers, thereby preventing over-runs.

Key Features 

  • Process cannot be replicated by counterfeiters.
  • Straightforward, user-friendly authentication process.
  • Detailed, real time measurement of product authentications.
  • Measure the results of new product launches, campaigns and promotions instantly.
  • Feeds data into supply chain management processes to reduce stocks and increase retail availability.
  • Provides the option to activate warranties, preventing warranty abuse.
  • Centrally controlled, with no need to add any new systems or procedures to existing distribution chain.

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