Consumers rely on the quality assurance of a trusted pharmaceutical Brand for both effective treatment results and personal safety. However, the widespread problem of counterfeit pharmaceutical products increasingly exposes consumers to personal risk, whilst Brand Owners, retailers and medical service providers carry the associated legal and financial risks. How can Brand Owners ensure that both service providers and consumers will be 100% confident that they are using genuine products?


The Centre for Medicines in the Public Interest estimates that that counterfeit drug sales in 2010 have increased more than 90% from 2005 to US$75 billion worldwide. This will make it difficult for consumers to trust the very drugs that are meant to help them. In developing countries, the risk is far higher. The World Health Organisation estimates that, in these countries, between 10% and 30% of all medicines on sale are counterfeit.

Brand ID’s comprehensive outsourced service provides a totally secure, closed loop audit trail which empowers service providers and consumers to choose the real Brand. At the same time, it provides the Brand Owner with completely unprecedented levels of live sales intelligence and exciting new options for targeted consumer marketing. The service is designed to be rapidly deployed in every sales channel including the internet; integrating seamlessly with current logistics chains and requiring little or no capital investment on the part of the Brand Owner.


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