Brand-ID offers a range of value-added solutions for the insurance industry. These include a service for the prevention of motor repair claims fraud and a real-time inter-site tracking, control and anti-theft service for valuable portable assets such as laptop computers.

For Motor Repairs 

  • Our comprehensive outsourced service provides a totally secure closed loop audit trail which removes the opportunity for vehicle repairers to profit from the fraudulent use of non-original parts.
  • The service is designed to be rapidly deployed; integrating seamlessly with both the branded motor manufacturers’ current logistics chains and the insurers’ existing claims payment processes.
  • Requires little or no capital investment.

For Assets 

  • Our worldwide asset-tracking service is designed to protect a corporation’s interests by ensuring that valuable portable assets cannot easily be stolen or misplaced.
  • Ensures that clear, accurate and up to date information is always available on which assets are where, in real-time.
  • This service can be rapidly implemented with little or no capital investment required.

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